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NO.1 When you know a draft is paid, the draft is closed. On a draft, what does the pay status #
A. The draft has been selected for payment.
B. The draft is on hold.
C. The draft is approved.
D. The draft has been closed.
E. The draft has been accepted.
Answer: E
Explanation: download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E13781_01/jded/.../e190AAP-B0908.pdf

NO.2 A special rebate payment has to be issued to a customer that doesn't have a Supplier Master.
How do you accomplish this without creating multiple Address Book numbers?
A. Enter the customer number In the Factor/Special Payee field.
B. Enter a valid 1099 code In Category Code 7 in the Address Book Record,
C. Enable the AR/AP Netting Indicator for the customer in the Address Book master record.
D. Set up the Supplier Master record with the same Address Book number as the Customer Master
E. Change the customer's search type In the Address Book to indicate that this is a supplier.
Answer: D

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Explanation: download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28728_01/jded/acrobat/xeeacn.pdf

NO.3 Your client wants you to help them define their business units. Which statement is TRUE
regarding business units?
A. Business units coded with a 'BS1 in the Business Unit type field cannot be used for income
statement accounts.
B. Business units do not allow category codes.
C. Business units are duplicated in each company.
D. Business units do not allow level of detail.
E. Business units are the lowest organizational reporting level for your company.
Answer: E

NO.4 While analyzing the transaction history for a supplier, you review the vouchered year to date
amount In the Supplier Master record. Which of the following options describes the currency in
which the system displays this amount?
A. The currency associated with Company 00000.
B. The currency in which the vouchers were paid.
C. The domestic currency of the company where the vouchers were entered.
D. The currency defined In the A/B Amount Code field of the Supplier Master.
E. The currency defined In the Default Code field of the Supplier Master.
Answer: D

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試験科目:「JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management 9.2 Implementation Essentials」
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